Student life made simple

An all-in-one learning app that gets you better grades in less time.


All your class info in one place.

Click on color coded icons to see a summary of key class information.

Filter calendar by assignments, classes, or personal events.


Staying organized has never been so easy.

Class folders are auto organized when your account is created.

Upcoming assignments show as tags so you can quickly tie notes to them.


Better grades, less studying.

We estimate the study time needed each week and suggest an optimized learning plan around your schedule.

We use science backed techniques to form plans that maximize retention and reduce study time.


Streamline your study prep process.

Quickly form goals for each of your study sessions.

Preorganized folders make it easy to track how you studied last time and which materials were covered.


Know exactly where your grades stand at all times.

Interactive charts make it simple to track what scores you need to hit long and short-term GPA goals.

Signing up is free and easy!

Just select your school + classes and add your assignments.

It takes about 5 minutes to set up and you’re set for the semester!